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Wallet Card - Skyee Ball

Wallet Card - Skyee Ball


Introducing our "Say It Without Saying It" Wallet Cards – a timeless way to cherish meaningful moments! Unlike traditional greeting cards tucked away, these wallet-sized treasures stay with you, reminding you of special connections. Personalize the card by writing the name of the person (nicknames preferred) on the space provided behind the card and scan the QR code for a heartfelt greeting! Experience the joy of carrying sentiments with you wherever you go and share the love, one wallet card at a time. Because in a world where you carry anything, carry memories, and not just cards, and keep 'saying it without saying it' to them.


P.S: Your new favorite KEEPSAKE!!

Size: Fits into the card slot in your wallet

Material: Premium PVC Card 

Proudly made in India! 

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