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A handwritten letter to you :))))

Welcome to “Little Packages,” where every product and piece of content is designed to bring a smile to your face!


This brand was founded a few years ago, I embarked on this journey with a vision: to create a brand that not only looks and feels special but also serves a purpose: to spread joy. Thus, “Little Packages” was born, and since then, it has evolved in many ways, but our commitment to bringing smiles has remained unwavering.


I'm proud to say that everything about this brand brings a smile to my face, from overcoming production challenges to hearing positive feedback from customers. That's why I chose “Bringing Smiles” as our tagline, and I'm delighted to have lived up to it.


Now, I'm making a comeback, not just as a founder, but as a smile advocate. While some may say I don't smile often, I believe in the power of a smile to brighten someone's day. So, if you're reading this, I encourage you to smile: and if you're already smiling, smile even wider!


At Little Packages, I've decided to let go of strict formulas and instead focus on curating products and content that I believe will bring joy to others. From fun and quirky items to meaningful creations, everything you find here is guaranteed to make you smile.


So, what can you expect from “Little Packages”? Well, expect the unexpected! I'm constantly experimenting and trying out new things, so our offerings may vary. But one thing's for sure: everything we offer is designed with one goal in mind: to make you smile.

I invite you to join me on this journey of spreading joy. Whether you're exploring our products or simply browsing our content, I hope you find something that brings a smile to your face. And if you do, know that it's a win in my book.


Thank you for being here, and remember, keep smiling!

By the way, I'm Priii !! (This is a name people worth smiling for gave me!)


Also, here's a note from another founder: My brand hasn't remained the same since its inception, and I've come to accept that change is not a flaw but a natural part of growth. It's your brand; so, stress less and take control with the right intentions. I told myself that people might appreciate change too, and while it may take time, it will happen because nothing remains static, and you never know what might work in your favor. If Ridley's hadn't thought differently, they wouldn't be a successful chewing gum company today. So, take inspiration from within, around you, and take action. If you need someone to believe in, know that I'm here for you.


P.S: Yes, I take pride in my long texts, because even in a world where Chat GPT is entertaining. I chose to keep this text candid.

*wide smilessss :)))))))*

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