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Behind every door lies a story

Welcome to Little Packages, our attempt in turning you all into protons, basically positive!


We are a brand initiated by Ms. Sai Krishna Priya. M in 2018 who was inspired by her experiences and family to start us. Like our tagline says, ‘Reason for Someone’s smile’, we’re here to bring you our range of products as we work towards building mental wellness and spreading positivity.


The biggest obstacle one will ever have to overcome is their mind. If they overcome that, then they will overcome anything in life. Our aim of helping a person change their outlook towards themselves and the world may seem big, but we found our ways of achieving that through simple steps using our products.



Just think about it, the outcome of your day depends on your thinking. By orienting your mindset towards positivity, you can achieve what seems impossible. Our Little Packages and other products have come to bring you closer to that ‘positive thought’ that can change your day. Our products are curated to spread and inculcate positivity, to add zest into one’s life and most importantly to bring a smile to one’s face. Every part of us has been built on a significance. All our themes and designs are carefully selected to connect with every individual. We believe that this habit is an art on its own, and hence we try curating products for children and people of all walks of life. We’re not a brand one has to use when they’re feeling low, but that which can be used every day to make one’s day merrier and better.

Welcome to the start of a meaningful habit through our attempt!

“One small positive thought a day can change your whole day”

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